If you would like to start training with BUDC, then the next steps are to complete a self-declaration medical form and join the club and BSAC.  Exceptional fitness is not essential but there are some medical conditions that require certification by a Medical Referee before diving training can be undertaken.  Click here to go to the BSAC website for more details.

For safety reasons, BUDC will not normally train anyone under the age of 14.  Anyone under 18 years old would normally have to be accompanied by a diving parent at all times.  However this is at the discretion of the Training Officer who will be happy to discuss individual circumstances.  More details on our policy with regard to training children are available on our Welfare page.

You also need to  purchase a mask, a pair of fins and a snorkel (and a swimming costume!).  The club provides all other necessary equipment for training.  You’ll be taught what each piece of equipment is, why we wear it, and what it does.

 (For a breakdown of how much all this will cost see our Costs page).

in-the-pool-300x225The pool and classroom training stage will usually last between 2-3 months.  Please remember that our instructors are giving up their free time to train you, so work and other commitments may mean the training could take longer.  However, this works both ways, and if you are unable to attend a session then you can complete it another time.

 Unlike diving schools there is no time limit on our training courses, you can take as as long as you need.

Once you have finished your pool training, you’re ready to dive in ‘open water’.  Your first dives will take place at an inland site (see reports – chilly day or warm evening) and then you will be able to go out on our club rib and do your first sea dives.  Most trainees really enjoy these – even if they are sea sick!!

This is what diving is all about – fish, crabs and other marine life, wrecks and drifts.  You may be surprised at how much there is to see in the English Channel.  Click on the uk diving link to find out more.

More details on what is involved in Ocean Diver (level 1) and Sports Diver (level 2) qualifications look at the overview.

BSAC Diver Training
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