Sports Diver

Sports Diver Qualification – Overview

A BSAC Sports Diver is a diver who is competent to dive with another Ocean Diver, within restriction of conditions already encountered by the Ocean Diver during their training and under the supervision of a Dive Manager.  Sports Divers can dive with other Sport Divers within the restrictions of conditions already encountered during their training or previous experience and can dive with a Dive Leader (or higher) to expand experience beyond that previously encountered, under the supervision of a Dive Manager.  Sports Divers can dive to a depth which is initially limited to 20m but which can subsequently be extended progressively, under the supervision of a Nationally Qualified Instructor (NQI), to a maximum depth of 35m.  Sports Divers will have sufficient experience or knowledge to provide full rescue and life support skills and conduct stage decompression stop dives with breathing gases up to 36% O2

The Sports Diver course consists of the following elements:

  • 6 classroom lessons
  • theory assessment
  • 1 sheltered water (pool) lesson
  • 1 Optional Refresher/Orientation dive
  • 6 open water lessons/dives
  • 1  Dry practical lesson
  • 5 Dives, minimum of 150 minutes underwater time

The theory lessons and pool sessions tend to take place during the winter period from October to March and you can work at your own pace.  Training is done by club members who have trained as instructors.  A set of Sports Diver Student Notes will be required (£30).

The pool sessions take place on Monday evenings from 9.00 to 10.00 pm at the Cheam Leisure Centre followed by a social gathering in the bar of a local pub.

The theory lessons are arranged to suit trainees, usually in small groups, either in the evening or at weekends.

The open water sessions will either take place at an inland dive site, or off the coast of Littlehampton, diving from the Club’s own rib.  These would usually be at the weekend, but can sometimes be arranged during the week.

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