15 July 2021 – Vale of Leven

Report by Andrew Bradford

Steve Askew and Andrew Bradford joined Channel diver out of Brighton.

A northerly wind aided our early morning departure from Brighton Marina. 14 miles out within the Wind Farm we dropped shot and followed it down to Vale of Leven, depth planned was 26m but in the event was only 24m. Viz was a little murky at times but generally about 4-5m. shot was dropped onto the bow and we made our way around. Entering the skeleton of the hull gave us a rather pretty view above back-lit by the sun. most of the Conga’s were located at the bow and were reasonably small – apparently a large one was free swimming off the port side. Water temperature was a sizzling 17 degrees which was just as well as Steve Askew had rocked up in a wetsuit. We exited via the shot and surfaced on just under the hour.

Second dive was ledges…viz was lower here but enough to find an anchor and see some ray. Dive time of 35 mins. DSMB deployed at 20 mins as per skippers request. Ledges really only works as a nice dive if you descend immediately on entering the water – don’t hang about on the surface.

Weather was fantastic early on but clouded over later.

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