UK Diving

“Why do you dive in the UK?” – a question lots of people ask.  “There is nothing to see and it must be really cold.”

Well, yes it can be a bit chilly (!) but there are suits to wear that can help with this.  And there is plenty to see – as well as shoals of fish, there are crabs, lobsters, sponges, anemones, sea urchins and starfish, cuttlefish and shrimps ….. the list goes on.  There are also different types of dives: drift dives, reef dives and probably the club favourite –  wreck dives.

Unfortunately, the weather in the UK will sometimes prevent diving as small boats cannot go out to sea if the wind is too strong, the sea is too rough, the current is too strong.  A knowledge of tides and local conditions is also needed.  Having said that, BUDC have had some wonderful days out when the sea was flat calm, the sun shone and the vis was great and weekends away (where the après-dive is as good as the underwater diving!)

Take a look at our reports and our dive diary posts for more details.

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