Truk Lagoon – USS Pugh

This was the third dive of the day so was a relatively shallow one. The USS Pugh was not sunk during Operation Hailstorm but 013013-3-19-uss-pughsubsequent, as such was in a remarkable condition. It is a small tug with a two freezer holds at the front.  We made our way through the jelly-fish to the bow where the anchor winch and chain was sitting just in front of the bridge,  which was so full of glass fish and soft coral that penetration into the cabin would have meant damaging the coral.  As such, we only looked from the outside. 

We made our way round the bridge, past the captain’s and crew’s toilets, then into the storage area between the bridge and engine room. Swimming into the holds was through an open hatch with a swim-through to the next hold.  The cooling pipes were clearly visible, but we still had to be careful as there was plenty of silt to kick up!  The engine room was down a narrow entrance and although not the biggest engine seen this holiday, was definitely one of the best.  This was a great last dive of the day.

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