Truk Lagoon – Hoki Maru

This was one of the best deep dives. On entering hold 1 we found airplane engines and wings, lamps and plenty of oil drums.  All in the usual good condition.  We swam through to hold 2 which contained trucks and bulldozers; some of which looked to be teetering rather precariously on the edge.  Despite being previously warned this, Paul still decided he wanted to be a bulldozer driver, so squeezed into the driving seat.

Another swim-through led us to a lorry.  Being a gentleman, I guided the last member of the group into this part of the hold to see the lorry.  Following a close inspection of this truck, I noticed everyone had disappeared. Seeing a small hole lit by daylight behind me which I assumed they had gone through (albeit a rather small hole), I went down and through to the outside of the ship, only to find no–one here either.  At 43 meters this was a bit disconcerting, but at least I was on the outside.  I slowly rose up the side of the ship to deck level where I could see bubbles which were coming from a very concerned buddy, who, unseen by me, had gone through another swim-through behind the lorry with the rest of the group.  Back with my buddy again, we carried on slowly back towards the shotline and ended the dive with a 15-minute deco stop.


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