Truk Lagoon – Betty Bomber

This is a nice gentle 3rd dive. She lies upright at a very accessible depth, the cockpit is at 14m and the seabed is 19m. She is made of aluminium and so is pretty free of rust and sea life.

020113-16-betty-bomberIt is possible to swim inside her and we all took advantage of this. There are quite a lot more fish here due to the depth and more colour to the surrounding vegetation. The engines had separated on impact and we found them off to the side of the bomber on the other side of a small reef.

The cockpit hatch was still in place and movable and we found sake bottles in the cockpit and all the dials readable.

The guns lying on the seabed were less recognizable as they had more growth on them.

We took several photos before returning to the boat.


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