Emily Flying Boat

Emily was the allied code name for her

Kawanish H8K Navy Type 2 Flying Boat called the “Flying Porcupine”  because she was armed with five 20mm cannons and four 7.7mm guns, plus  she could carry two torpedoes and either eight 250kilo bombs or sixteen 60 kilo bombs. She could cruise at 207 mph for 4,500 nautical miles. She had self sealing fuel tanks and a fire extinguishing system.

The history of this wreck  is quite interesting, American intelligence had picked up  on this flight that she would be carrying several high ranking Japanese officers. Including the commanding officer  of the fourth fleet, his Chief of Staff as well as other senior  Japanese Naval officers.

Emily was heading East from Palau to the Dublon Island Sea Plane Base in Truk. Mid flight she was ambushed  by 10 American  fighters  and repeatedly attacked. Emily  managed  to fight them off for sometime, eventually the pilot manages to escape the fighters in cloud.

Although she was heavily damaged and many of those on board  were killed including  the co-pilot. The pilot although wounded  managed to get Emily to limp back to Truk Lagoon, after crash landing  she sank. But the Commanding officer and with his Chief of Staff and the other officers were saved.. The pilot was decorated for his actions.

Emily is a nice easy shallow dive, she now rests on the sea bed at 15m. The fuselage is broken in two in front of the wings allowing easy access into both halves. The four engines  are still on the wings

Looking around we found lots of interesting bits of the flying boat still there like it’s radio. The body is still in very good condition considering it is made of aluminium and as been down there over 75 years.

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