Ibiza – Day 3 Dive 3

Secasta Eularia, baliza  (the Lighthouse) 

Having lunched on the finest cheese and ham toastie money can buy, we started our third dive of the day at the entrance to the dive club bay.

 Sitting in the middle of a large sunken island type rocky outcrop was an old concrete lighthouse, just waiting for further exploration.  The island itself was non descript, seemingly extending for ever with plenty of fauna and small shoals to entertain us. Water temperature remained at 21 degrees C.

At @23 metres we encountered what remained of a small concrete lighthouse which looked like an upturned concrete pillar with broken/rusted metal rods at one end where the sea had ripped the structure from the sea bed. Running along the structure was a ladder which led to a small balcony at the top. 

The sea floor was rocky with a good covering of fauna and small fish/octopi/urchins.

Having inspected the lighthouse from top to bottom, Bryan realised he should have bought his oxy acetaline torch (you know the travellers version, light weight, folds down for easy carrying!) to gain entry. Unfortunately no entry was possible!

 Having eeked out our final minutes beneath the waves it was time to climb into the rib one last time. (AK)

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