Ibiza – Day 3 dive 2

Cueva de la Luz (Cave of Lights)  


Having already dived at Seca Es Figueral in the morning, the Nork…sorry Banstead  Divers! Set off for a magical cave experience some hour away by rib. 

Lunch time saw this merry band descend the depths, ok only 20 metres in calm weather conditions. The water temperature was 21 degrees C and the dive guide pointed us towards and then along a cliff face. Whilst Bryan searched for any type of metal, the rest of us appreciated the fauna, octopi, ells and small shoals of fish along the way. 

Then we explored the entrance to a magical wonderland. Deeper and deeper we went, torches lighting the way like a Christmas procession. Then we emerged into open sunlight whilst still surrounded by the cave. Looking upwards the sun was shining through the collapsed roof and lighting the emerald green water in a beacon of light.

 Strangely many of us were overcome with this sight and began the dance of the Cave of Lights, waving our arms from side to side. (Choreography by FJ). At the same time our hoods steamed due to the heat of the sun as we had a group photograph taken.

As if to wave us farewell, I saw three flying fish darting away from the rib as it sped back to base. (AK)
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