Ibiza – Day 2 Dive 2

Llado Sur

 Llado Sur is a small island on the way back from the Don Pedro whose edges slope away fairly steeply to the seabed at about 30m. You can easily swim around the outside in 30 minutes however halfway round at a depth of 6m is a lovely crevice about 15m long which allows you to swim through the island. This is definitely the highlight of the dive. 

I was swimming in a three with Bryan and Paul and to be honest there was not much to see. We spent a bit of time examining a very neat octopus garden with a whole crayfish shell at it’s centre and we did see the back of an eel, but not much else.    

I think Paul must have been bored with us by the end as he decided to exit onto the nearest boat he could see even after Bryan had pointed out to him that it only had one propeller and ours had two. Having made some new friends he did decide to come back. (SM)



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