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19 January 2019 – Vobster

Report by Julian Avis The trip down to Vobster quarry this morning was to finish off the Accelerated Decompression course which we ran last year. It was just Paul Clunas, Norman Lamb, and myself as the instructor, we got there

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January 2019 – Oxygen Management Course

On 19 January 2019 Alan Kennedy once again utilised the ‘shed’ at the bottom of his garden to present the oxygen management course to 6 club members.  For Jane & Lauren this was their first attendance and a refresher for

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January 2019 – Nemo 33 (Brussels)

12-13 January 2019                                        Link to Jenny John Chuan’s photos    Link to Andrew Hubbard’s video Report by Ciaran Gaul  This was my first

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29 December 2018 – Vobster

  Report by Jenny John Chuan Dive 1,  Max depth 32m, Time 45 mins Dive 2, Max depth 24m, Time 50 mins Last dive of 2018 at Vobster with Mark, Steve, Don & Jenny This was my first dive since

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28 December 2018 – Brighton

Report from Mark Swan Pentyrch and drift   Pentyrch wreck, Torpedoed in 1918 Depth 19m, Time 40 mins, Water temp 10’C, Vis 1-2m Steve, Milton and I had a trip out with Channel Diver from Brighton Marina. Weather hadn’t been

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November 2018 – Cyprus for accelerated decompression course

Report by Julian Avis We flew out to Cyprus on Thursday 1st  November. Norman picked Paul and me up at the airport.  On our way back from the airport we went to a dive shop to pick up cylinders, weights

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30 November 2018 – Chepstow

Chepstow – Report by Mark Swan Planned trip to Portland got blown out so back to Chepstow. Milton invited his friend Kris, a trainee D/L from Richmond BSAC. It had been raining a few days before our visit and the vis

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19 November 2018 – Vobster

Vobster – Report by Mark Swan Had a couple of dives with Milton. Vis bad below 20m. Good on 12m shelf.  Max depth 34m Vis 8m but 3m below 20m and worsening with depth Water temp 8′

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3-4 November 2018 – Chepstow

Chepstow – Report by Mark Swan Had a stopover at Chepstow with Milton, Don and Del (BSAC divers we met last year in Swanage). Two days diving. Site has depth levels for all grades. Max depth 50m, Vis 10m +, Water

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November 2018 – Red Sea

Report and photos by Steve Burgess Me and Jenny JC decided we could do with one last bit of warm diving to close a fantastic 2018 UK and abroad. Shark quest was the trip out of Port Ghalib. Jenny missed the

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